Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hello from Cookie Rose!

Hello to all cookie lovers of the world. Let me start by telling you how Cookie Rose came about. A friend's 4 year old daughter, also named Rose, dubbed me this name to differentiate me from other women in her life named Rose. Little Rose associated me with cookies because of the Italian Christmas cookies I delivered to her house last Christmas.

The Italian Christmas cookies are made from family recipes handed down for generations. I am now of the "older generation" in my family, and am keeping the tradition going along with some cousins who also make these cookies. The favorites are fig, sesame seed, white knot and chocolate spice balls. Baking these cookies has become for me a way to relax and find pleasure in the act of creating something beautiful that brings joy to others.

My last and favorite aunt died July 2008 and as a momento her daughter Barbara copied some of her recipes for all in the family who might be interested. In the spirit of, but not as energetic as "Julie and Julia," I intend to periodically make and then publish a recipe on this blog, and would welcome comments.

In addition to sharing recipes, another reason for creating this blog is for you to share your own special family recipes and food-related traditions.

And finally, although this may sound contradictory, fitness and a balanced diet has been my focus for most of this year and will continue to be for the rest of my life. Therefore, any comments or balanced recipes are welcome.

In keeping with my heritage, I would like to close with a saying that I heard or read somewhere: "Chi mangia bene, mangia Italiana." It means "He/she who eats well, eats Italian."