Saturday, August 2, 2014

Audrey's Wedding

Audrey was my RN partner for the last few years that I worked at Hospice Buffalo, and we became quite close. Today she and her soul mate, Tony, will be married. As part of their wedding present, I volunteered to make some traditional Italian cookies for the reception. The photo above is of the sesame seed cookies made for this occasion. The other types made were traditional fig, chocolate spice balls, and Italian white knot. The recipes for all four can be found in earlier posts on this blog. I am sorry that I do not have a photo of the tray of fig, chocolate and white cookies. The picture that I took just didn't come out right. The reason that the sesame seed cookies are on a separate tray is that if they are served on the same plate as other cookies, they will get soggy and the taste experience will be minus the crispy texture that is so wonderful.

Hope that the weather holds out, as the ceremony and reception are outdoors! May Audrey and Tony share many years of wedded bliss.